MCCCS Towhee (download)



    This section describes the steps required to download a version of the MCCCS Towhee program. Contact if you have any problems downloading this software.
Subscribing to the towhee-users mailing list
    Information about significant feature enhancements and bug fixes is broadcast on the towhee-users mailing list. In addition, this serves as a forum for users to ask questions about the use of the Towhee code. If you wish to subscribe then you can do so on the SourceForge towhee-users website at
Download instructions for a Traditional Download
    The current version of the Towhee code is available for download from the MCCCS Towhee SourceForge website. The link to that website is
    Once you have downloaded the code you need to GNU unzip it using the following commands on a unix machine
    • gunzip towhee_current.tar.gz
    • tar -xf towhee_current.tar
    This will create a directory named
    where xx.yy.zz will be the version number of the download.
Download instructions using CVS on SourceForge
    This option is only suggested for those who are programming geeks (like myself) and are interested in joining in on the development of Towhee.. The CVS repository for the code is located on SourceForge and can be accessed by following the instructions at Project:MCCCS Towhee:CVS on SourceForge.
    Those interested in becoming a developer of the code and gaining CVS access on SourceForge should contact Marcus G. Martin. It is not necessary to be an offical developer in order to contribute to the project, just an added bonus for those who plan to work extensively on one or more feature enhancements.
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Last updated: September 22, 2005